ClassTranslate - Helping Foreign Language Students in American Schools

An application created to help foreign language students in American schools!

This webapp was my submission for the 2022 Congressional App Challenge, and the winning submission for the FL16 District!!

It is based off of the Google Translate API, and expands on its features.

ClassTranslate offers:

  • Downloadable Transcripts
  • Translation Verification
  • Easy to use Interface
  • And more!

Viewing this webapp in the repl window redirects you to the information site, as the app is not made to run on smaller windows. If you wish to view the app open the link in a new window.

View explanatory video
Visit website
Visit Published Repl


This is a really nice site and program :slight_smile:


Thanks! Hoping to improve it more as I get more experienced in the future.


I know I’m late, but this is amazing.

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