Class TV; I'm doing something wrong, but not sure as to what it is

How do I fix this?

Current behavior:
it won’t print the options.

Desired behavior
Print out options and user inputs.

Repl link:

code snippet

Hey there, you seem to be operating on Java principals, but in python those are not the case XD. Your code is quite confusing. Anyways, welcome to the community @sonicx180 ! Here:

  1. you haven’t declared all variables/functions
  2. you haven’t actually called the main_tv method :smiley:

this is the rough overview, but yeah


Thank you! I was trying to use some code that I found online and mix it in with what I had; I should’ve realized it was Java. Sorry about the confusion!

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it was not java code XD it just trying to run like so :smiley:

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OHHHH, I’m sorry; I didn’t read your comment properly.

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mhm, I’m really sorry to confuse you I meant it has a main class and it’s printing anything because python doesn’t automatically run the main class unlike Java :smiley:

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Ohhh okay; thank you!!

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