Chromium Will not work on nix environment

Problem description:
It gives me code 127 anytime i try to load up chromium

Expected behavior:
It should open up a output that has chromium on it

Actual behavior:
it doesnt open output at all says code 127 and stops running repl.

Steps to reproduce:
unmigrate from nix or find a way for it to be compatable

Bug appears at this link:


Try adding --no-sandbox. It’s a common error when trying to run chromium. Or, try using firefox by doing nix-env -iA nixpkgs.firefox.

Yes this worked for me.

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= command not found, so you have to add it to replit.nix. Here, you could run in Shell:

sed -i 's/];/  pkgs.chromedriver\
  &/' replit.nix