Chromebook Formatting Error

Bug Description
When coding on replit on chromebook, the textbox to code is below the line number, and is incredibly broken.

Expected behavior:
replit will look like replit should look like.

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:
make a new repl, and then find the coding box.

Bug appears at this link:
Any repl

I’m using Chrome os with chrome browser

Welcome to the community! Could you please upload a screenshot of this?


Hello, welcome! Can you also give a Repl Link, if possible? Maybe a recording of the process if you can.


Are you by any chance using a proxy? Because I know that sometimes the css doesn’t load correctly on replit (and other sites too) when using a proxy and it causes the line numbers to be off.

I was able to reproduce this bug using a version of the interstellar proxy.


See how the line numbers are offset?


If they are using a school issued device they may have there vpn’s running in the background that block non-school appropriate websites. Or this is just a google problem which I could defiantly see

(P.s I HATE Chrome OS)


Sorry! I rarely check the forums

I wanted to say that I’m also on Chromebook with ChromeOS (issued by an organization) and Replit is fine.

is probably why this occurs. I know some schools block Replit because you can basically create infinite proxies (not allowed on Replit BTW) so some people use one of those to bypass filters and create them. My school didn’t block Replit (and they don’t filter using a VPN).

[EDIT: I’m not saying you’re making proxies, just using that as an example.]

I have not encountered any problems like this when I used my chromebook, probably because I don’t use anything like proxies.

You can try using something like an <iframe> and embedding the Replit website without the proxy and see if that fixes the issue.

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