Chrome White Space Gaps Issue

I’m not sure if I’m the only one whos having this as a issue but for some reason google chrome is the only browser where I have troubles with there being white spaces on other browsers the background is fully changing colors and because of this I have been struggling to get it so that I don’t have white space. The white space is always after all the text and objects but I have also seen cases for this which have been the same but for header and below. It’s a truly strange issue that only persists for me while I use chrome. If anyone has a fix or knows what is causing chrome to show this way I would truly appreciate a reply.

0 replies I might just be the only one who sees this. Let me investigate my chrome extensions it might possibly just be caused by them.
Heres a example of what I’m talking about:

Me if it turns out to be an extension :man_facepalming:

Where are you seeing unexpected whitespace? Could you provide some more details, maybe a link to somewhere you see this issue?

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Yeah I can provide a link do you by chance see that white gap?

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This is what I see:

I’m using Chrome on a Windows device, if you’re using Chrome as well I would guess you are correct in assuming it’s something to do with an extension you’ve got.

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Same, I’m not getting the white gap either.

Would appear that a extension is causing me to have issues sorry for coming and posting on the forum thought it was some kind of other issue.

For those wondering what extension it was Dark Reader - Chrome Web Store this extension caused me to get white bars lol