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I realize that I’m probably the only person using nim on replit, judging from this, but I had some issues with the official nim template so I made my own. If anyone else decides to use nim on replit and encounters one of the issues below, remember this template exists. And for anyone else, you can take a look around, this took me awhile and I’m quite proud of it. (Try looking in shell.nix, I haven’t seen many project use it)

Issues with the official version

  • Nim version outdated (1.4.8)
  • Nimble packages disappear on reload.

This template includes:

  • A basic hello world program
  • Fixed issues of the official version above


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Thank you for sharing this @dragonhunter1 !


  • The template now comes with built-in std/httpclient support via OpenSSL!
  • All the required packages for the template are also marked in shell.nix
  • Still waiting for review to get onto /templates