Chess game in Website

Some people were having trouble using chess game in python
So,I decided to made it on website and it works with full working and in corrected order
Here is the link:


Not working for me. I get the thinking cloud meaning replit killed the connection.

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Everything thing is fine @whileTRUEpass

Weird, i try and it is not working. Maybe an issue on my side. Will check

Try to click on the direct website link provided by me

Looks good! Just something I noticed, on their first move, pawns can move two spaces forward.

I am not able to do that pawn is only moving one box instead of two box

Can you please help on that

I meant that that’s a rule in chess, you’ve got it so pawns can only move one space forward, but in Chess pawns can actually move two spaces forward on their first move.

this works, but the two box move of the pawn is not working.
Nice stuff btw.


@MattDESTROYER I have sent you invite to fix my repl

I don’t know why it is not doing that

Should be behaving correctly now :slight_smile:

Thank you for this

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Nice! Though you should set the pieces’ user-select to none.

In order to checkmate kill the king

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Its checkmate and the king still moves


Overall, it’s nice. It definitely doesn’t detect being in check.
I should never have been able to corner black like that. Also, I then moved my queen to capture the king (kings cannot be captured). Once the king was captured, I got an alert saying that white had won.

I then tried it again and was able to easily capture the black king after putting it in check. Odd.


Also promotion doesn’t work :confused:

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