Chess Game in Python

This is a chess game made by me
Here is the link:

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Love the interface, but i get always an error in decoding, how do we enter a move?

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Just see a code
Or I am making chess on website
So don’t worry

The piece you wanna move then a space then the square you want to move it to

But I’m getting “you aren’t allowed to move that piece this turn” so Idk


Also @arhanansari2009 both queens are always on the D file.

Hello white first
Enter this
e7 e5

Oh, white being on the right is counter-intuitive IMO. Especially because… White’s pieces are supposed to be on ranks 1 and 2.

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Silly me i just went brutal without respecting chess rules or white first!

ADDED: btw you might want to clear the screen between boards and remove some debug code :slight_smile:

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You can really see the colour difference

It’s still wrong. White should be on the left as white’s pieces are always on ranks 1 and 2. And as I mentioned before, both queens must be on the D file.

Sorry, I’m a bit of a chess nerd although I am not very good at the game itself.

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@QwertyQwerty88 is right, positions are wrong

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Then there will be error

@MattDESTROYER In this also I need your help I have invited you to my repl

Just read all the posts and then understand the problem @MattDESTROYER

Is it working @MattDESTROYER?

It doesnt work.

Also can you flip the board 90 degrees to make it easier?

You have to enter 2 positions.

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