Check Out My New Website!

Thank you to @KillerCl0wn who helped with the styling.

Leave suggestions and reviews about my website.
Hope you have a great day :grinning:!


This is pretty cool! Good job!

Have you tried centering it? It might look a bit better, but it might just be my viewport size which is smaller than average.


It’s very cool so far! But I recommend using a sans-serif font instead of the current one for easy readability and aesthetics. Other than that, I think it looks pretty cool.

Headings are a bit hard to read with the white outline, but not bad.

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The separators wont center for some reason, I’ve tried.

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I changed it, I agree!

I agree, so I changed it,

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No? It’s still white outlines.

For the containers? I like that, but for the main text I changed it.

I said “Headings” in my original post.

Oh, :sweat_smile:. Does it look better now @QwertyQwerty88?

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This part’s a bit hard to read


A suggestion would be to use a different unit in CSS like em or % instead of px since px is an absolute value that doesn’t scale up with screen ratios


It’s really good! But in the photo that I mentioned, this two photos aren’t same text color, so you might wanna change the link color to black.

Done hope its better now.