Chatting with friends pt2

I know I know this can be easily hacked ( proxy ), But @python660 is kind enough to help me prepare a auth to make chats more secure ( the new and improved proxy that I will use next time ), this is on beta only. So after @python660 has completed this, I will release the full version which will not just include normal chats. It includes a lot of features, trust me.
The new version ( not beta ) will include:
Able to add chats to other people
Able to access the chats that you have added
delete chats permanently
possibly more to come



Update num1.
This applies for the beta and the not beta version :rofl:

  1. Message history can now take up 750 messages. This is because now I have implemented a clear line function that clears the your message here-> and replaces it with the new message, then prints a new line, then the your message here.

  2. now message history delete 100 messages when it hits 750 messages. Instead of deleting the past message when it hits 100.