Chatgpt plus powered AI

Is there a way to use the Newest chatgpt to power the AI function?

It’s amazing.

Hi @SteveMallett !
I don’t think you can do that, only Replit can upgrade the GPT AI model.

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No, sadly you cannot port the AI to a different model. If you make a Replit Extension, however, you can achieve this. It will require quite a lot of work though. If you open the Extensions pane in the editor, you should be able to find a ChatGPT plugin that will let you put your OpenAI key (including GPT-4 keys)

You can use reverse thingywhats for this. Sky knows how to do this. No api key needed.

Reverse engineering? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wait, give me a minute to find it…

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Ah, reverse proxies: