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I’m trying to build a ChatGPT Support bot for our website, but when I try to give him specific instructions about the company please notice the screenshot of the last few lines they turn white in text instead of orange. ( I’m a newbie so this is the best i could explain)

You’re trying to have a multi-line string it seems, in order to do this you must use """ or '''.
I thought this was python at first glance, don’t mind me.

Use this

const content = `You are the support bot for MarketXLS                            
   Please make sure aisiono ajkdnadn aodnaokdna akodnaokd aokdnoakdn adnaokd`

Hope it works,
If it works please mark it as Solution.


You can see the file extension or see the keyword const it refers to JavaScript.

I am aware, I just did not see that when I first looked at it.

I’m not sure what you mean. This is also moving off-topic, probably move to a PM or a new topic.

BTW,Also welcome to community @ShubhamShah16

Hi Arhan, thanks for the quick reply and for helping me out. Appreciate it!

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Thank for it @ShubhamShah16
If there is any problem feel free to reach me and mention @

Sure. Moving forward if I get stuck will ping you up.

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