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so I am trying to make it so if the bot doesnt have a responce to what was said it will ask how it should respond and add that to a .json file. it pulls all of its responecs from that .json file. I need help making it upload thejson file to the database and json file to the database and update it when the code is ran, because I want it to keep things said even when preview mode. Any help is very much aprecitated.

You can use the replit database.

Just add a line in your script

from replit import db

and modify the load_responses and save_responses to fetch and save the data from replit db

The responses will be stored in the replit database, and they will persist even when you restart the script.


You could also use YAML as it’s a bit simpler than JSON. Best practice on Replit, though, is to use Replit DB like @WindLother said. Here’s a tutorial on how to use it.

The thing is, he will have to eventually pay for the database.

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Since when do we have to pay for the Replit database? I’ve never seen that mentioned anywhere.

I think he’s talking about expanding the storage besides the free storage that replit already give to you.

But again, I don’t think anyone will a small project will be consuming all of the free storage, and if that day arrives you will need to spend in resources as you would in any other place lol.

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I’m pretty sure that you get 50 mb. free, and then you have to pay.

Some terrible “chatbot” I made, I don’t even know if it works or not:

ps. you require a folder named data & a json file named learned in it.

# - feel free to use this code, no credits required. -
import difflib
# import random
import json
import os

class Colors:
    PURPLE = "\033[95m"
    CYAN = "\033[96m"
    DARKCYAN = "\033[36m"
    BLUE = "\033[94m"
    GREEN = "\033[92m"
    YELLOW = "\033[93m"
    RED = "\033[91m"
    BOLD = "\033[1m"
    UNDERLINE = "\033[4m"
    END = "\033[0m"

class SweetrLearn:
    def __init__(self):
        self._learned_data = json.load(open("./data/learned.json", "r"))
        self._appended_data = []

    def _read(self, _question):
        _closest = difflib.get_close_matches(
            return f"{Colors.UNDERLINE}{Colors.PURPLE}You: {_question}\n{Colors.UNDERLINE}{Colors.BLUE}Sweetr: {self._learned_data[_closest[0]]}{Colors.END}"


            return f"{Colors.UNDERLINE}{Colors.PURPLE}You: {_question}\n{Colors.UNDERLINE}{Colors.BLUE}Sweetr: Im sorry, I do not have the answer for this question.{Colors.END}"

    def _teach(self, _question: str, _resp):
            with open("./data/learned.json", "r+") as _data_file:
                _data = self._learned_data
                _data.append({_question: _resp})
                json.dump(_data, _data_file, indent=3)

                return f"{Colors.UNDERLINE}{Colors.BLUE}Sweetr Training\n\n{Colors.END}{Colors.BOLD}{Colors.GREEN}Successfully trained.{Colors.END}"

        except Exception as e:

            return f"{Colors.UNDERLINE}{Colors.BLUE}Sweetr Training\n\n{Colors.END}{Colors.BOLD}{Colors.RED}Failed to train.\nError: {e}{Colors.END}."

if __name__ == "__main__":
    while True:
        _input = input(f"{Colors.BOLD}{Colors.RED}-> {Colors.END}")
        _answer = SweetrLearn()._read(_input)
        if _answer == "Im sorry, I do not have the answer for this question.":
            pass # _inpt = input(f"{Colors.BOLD}{Colors.BLUE}-> {Colors.END}")
        # SweetrLearn()._teach("test", "Hello how can I help you?")

It’d be preferable to see what the .json file has to check if it works…

{"hey": "Hey!", "how are you?": "Im fine, how about you?"}


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