Chat website Collaboration

Im thinking of making a chat website:

Anyone wanna collab with me to make one
Pm me for the invitation link


Sure, I’d love to help :smiley:

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I could help too! I just can’t help with making the chats save to a database yet :thinking:


I can help but what language

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i could do that probably

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or html/css/js

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Pfft, no problem for me… Also, where’s the invitation link?

Yeah I know flask (sorry for replying so late)

I think we might do either html/css/js or python/flask
if were do html/css/js
i can do css
if were doing python/flask i can make the chats message save to a database and work on a database login system

Why not use Replit Auth?

Can you Add team member to team thats already been created or do you have to add them when it is being created

That seems like a better option

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You should still be able to add them

I learned flask so i can also help

Yea sure (also, no need to send me the link to this convo!)

If u use python for this sure I can help
Just note that if you want to invite me for the repl use @s3d27ZHOU not @Taokyle thx