Chat vs Thread Confusion

I am confused about the difference between Chat and Thread.
I only get notified if a student highlights some code and starts a new thread.
If they just start chatting, I don’t get notified.
Is that normal?
What’s the purpose of chat, then? Would I have to actively be in the session with the student?

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Yes, you would have to actively be in the session with the student to use chat.

That is normal behavior. I’ve placed a feature request to have an email sent if a student starts a Thread. Currently, I only get the notification if I’m logged in and see the bell icon. If I’m away from my computer, it would be nice to get an email if the student starts a Thread, or responds to a Thread that I created.


Thanks for this @tkeenan . @jtramontana if you would also like this functionality please click on Submit feedback from the ? bottom left of any Repl.