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I started testing Teams for Education and I can’t seem to figure out why I’m not getting a notification when a student enters comments into the chat. Shouldn’t I (the teacher/owner) get a notification if the student writes something in the project chat? The project in not a group project. I even had the student try tagging me using the @ symbol and my username. Didn’t work…no email notification or notification is the notifications menu.

Is this just not possible???

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Hi @tkeenan do you get notifications from other students when they do the same thing?

I don’t get notifications from anyone when they put something in the chat. The only way I get a notification is if a student “rick-clicks” in their code and chooses “Start thread”. If they put a comment in the thread, I get a notification. Maybe that’s the only way it works…

Hi @tkeenan yes that is definitely the way to get notifications.

Just out of interest what was the student using to try and notify you? I’ll follow it up to see if we can highlight to users that the other method doesn’t notify other users.

Hi @IanAtReplit,

So, I guess part of my issue was my own fault. I was confusing Threads with Chat. I assumed that if a student mentioned me in the chat (using @) while they were working outside of class and I was not in the chat, that I would get a notification telling me I was mentioned. I then realized I need to have the students use Threads to notify me, or ask questions, instead of Chat. When I had a student use Threads, I received the notification in my Notifications window. This is what I expected to happen.

The only suggestion I would make, is to have an email also be sent when a Thread notification happens. This would be very helpful. Currently, I only see the notification when I log into Replit. If I’m not logged in and away from my computer, it would be nice to get an email when a student submits a Thread on a project. Since my work emails come to my phone also, I would get the email right away. To expand on this, if the email could show the text of the new Thread, that would be even better. Sometimes students put something silly in a Thread and it would be nice to see what the actual message is to determine if it’s important and needs to be addressed immediately, or if it could wait until the next class period.

Thanks for your time!

No worries @tkeenan that’s a good idea. Could you please log the suggestion using the “Share Feedback” option from within ?

@IanAtReplit I just did this morning. :grinning:

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