Chat gets laggy when there are many messages

Problem description:
When there are too many messages in it, the built-in replit chat starts to get extremely laggy

Expected behavior:
The chat should stay the same as when you have an almost empty chat and it barely lags

Actual behavior:
The chat starts to lag when there are too many messages

Steps to reproduce:
1: Create a new repl
2: Chat once in it (it doesn’t lag)
3: Chat with friends a lot (starts to lag a small bit)
4: Chat with friends even more (EXTREMELY LAGGY!)

iPad, might also happen on other devices but not sure


If you are referrring to what just happened on GiggaPoggers’ “The Ask Experiment”, I can confirm that this happens on multiple OSes. I was on Linux Mint.


Yes, it happened on “The Ask Experiment”, and I have also noticed it happen on other repls where I have chatted a lot

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The chat has been known to be not designed the best, I don’t think there is any sectioned loading, and it loads all the messages as soon as you join the repl.


Yea that’s probably the issue, I have a very negative viewpoint on chat ever since I used it with GraphQL and realized how badly designed it is xD


Yeah they designed things super badly. They use a lot of bad dev practices where the code makes no sense (like the layout queries) unless you coded it because it’s private :confused:

Time to ask for better chat

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Yea i recently coded a chat app and it lags less xD

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