Character key repeating stopped working in replit IDE on ChromeOS

Problem description:
In the last couple of days, key repeating has stopped working for some keys but not others. Specifically it seems that the letter keys have stopped repeating. This is a big deal because with vim key bindings, moving around a document usually involves holding down letter keys while they repeat to move by multiple characters or lines. Strangely, I see key repeating working just fine for spaces, arrows, and the few number and punctuation keys I have tried.

Expected behavior:
Holding down a character key should cause it to repeat. For example, holding down the j key in command mode for vim key bindings should continue moving the cursor down lines as long as the j key is pressed. In another example, holding down the j key in edit mode should cause multiple j’s to be inserted.

Actual behavior:
The j key only moves the cursor down a single line per press in vim command mode, and only inserts a single j in edit mode.
Thus, moving down 5 lines requires 5 key presses. Note that key repeating works fine in edit mode. For example, I can hold down a key to insert a stream of characters.

Steps to reproduce:
In the replit IDE, edit any text document with or without vim key bindings turned on and see if letter key repeating works. Specifically for the case with vim key bindings turned on…try to move around the document in command mode with keys like the j key.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome Browser, ChromeOS, Chromebook.
It seems to work properly for a Chrome Browser on a Windows laptop.

maybe holding alt would work