Changing username and email

How do I transfer my work from a school district account (yburl - (Censored) to a personal account burlburlburl - (Censored))?

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Welcome to Ask, @burlburlburl!
You can change your username in the CLUI, and you can change your email here.


@burlburlburl just to give a thought, you can only change your name once! So choose wisely.

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All I want to for is “merge” the yburl school account to my independent account of burlburlburl without losing the work. I cannot seem top do it, why?

IIRC, student/school accounts have a lock on them that prevents username changes at all.

Also, there is no way to “merge” accounts. You could fork all the school Repls to your personal account however.

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Can it be done collectively or one at a time?

You’ll have to do them one at a time, manually.

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