Changing Replit profile picture

Hi everyone :wave: , for a few days I’ve been trying to change my profile picture on but I can’t figure out how to do it.

I checked both in the “Profile” section and in the “Account” section but, if I move the cursor over the avatar, the option to load a new one does not come up.

I should point out that I logged in with my school-related Google account, so I can’t use Gravatar.

Can you tell me if I’m doing the procedure wrong or if there is another way to do it? :pray:

Thank you very much and happy programming! :computer:

You can change your pfp on this page at the time by clicking your current pfp.

If it doesn’t appear you should make a bug report in Bug Reports

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Hi, thanks for the reply. :grin:
Yes, the box to upload the image doesn’t appear. I will follow your advice. Thank you!

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