Changing Deployment Files does not change Stored Files

The specifics of my situation do not really matter, but since always-on is being depreciated, I was wondering if there were any workarounds for being able to have a live deployed project that allows people to modify databases/files/etc. When you deploy, it creates an instance of your project, which can be modified by itself, but when you redeploy it destroys that instance and creates a new one losing any progress/changes you made to files within your program. Any ideas?

Hi @UsernameIsInUs1 !
Unfortunately, persistent file systems are not available in deployments but the team did say that they were planning to add it soon.

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So is there any workaround people have found? Depreciating always on without a solution to this problem has made a few of my projects I’m paying for unusable.

I don’t think there is a workaround… you’ll probably have to wait for Replit to announce it.

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