Changes to private messages on Replit Ask

Its more mods than staff. It takes some moderation work (more than just watching it) but it should not be limited this much IMHO


I believe you are doing too much work btw …


As I mentioned, it’s a moderation load, so it impacts both staff and mods. And as staff we are responsible for the forum, so if we get pulled into a PM, it’s our responsibility to address concerns there as well.


Please phrase it correctly next time writing moderators (who deserve praise) and not us.


I think they should all have praise, they keep the forum organized and at peace. Also i think the wording was fine. :confused:


I agree that our mods are really wonderful and deserve a lot of credit!


I would like to know if any staff members (or even mods) ever went to the AMC PMs (which I am confident caused this) and asked for us to stop. I quit reading the recent ones (for several reasons which I won’t discuss here), but the first 40-ish I did read and the staff didn’t ask to stop. I am certain that the members of the AMC PMs would have moved to a different platform had they been asked nicely.

There was no reason to drive away the Ask community like that. Now people have left Ask, but because they were forced to instead of being asked. We have left Ask; it will need a new community as the Replit staff has driven away most of the old one. The Replit staff is lucky to have such great community volunteers as Ethan, Qwerty, and Matt contributing to their forum.

I would not be surprised if Replit deletes this message or something because they do not like the community opposing their actions. I appreciate the kind words that the staff uses when communicating but I do not agree with their actions.