Changes to pinned Repls?

Curious if there were changes made to pinned repls? Can delete currently pinned repls but not pin new ones. Particularly this one:


I just checked it, and you can pin multiple. There should be a button-type layout at the bottom of that area, and you can ‘scroll’ through them.
You can, i believe, change the order they appear, there should be an “Edit Pinned” button on the bottom of the button-type layout. the crossed out stuff is incorrect as of now

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Unfortunately you can’t. There is a feature request for it though

Thanks for replying, but the issue is with being unable to pin repls and getting an error saying “Something went wrong.” I have 3 pinned and am trying to pin a 4th. Had 5 pinned but thought the error was from having too many so removed 2, but still unable to add any new pins

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I submitted a bug report as well

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