Changes to Hosting on Replit!

iirc its a reserved virtual machine


That’d be nice. I feel like someone’s credits idea would work better though. Kind of like Roblox Tix in a way, you could rack up Cycles and convert them to credits, and then use those for deployments. You’d only get like 1 credit a week tho and it’d be 50 for a week of Reserved VM or something.


A staff member just disproved it too:

This was saying directly that Replit needs money from deployments, implying specifically they need money desperately, and are using deployments to fill the gap.

Mine is implying that this user-base isn’t making money, and is draining income slightly.

I don’t say they need to rid of the users.

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You, in fact, said, quote:

That does not say the need to, that is me stating they are losing money from these users,

Who could be potential buyers if they weren’t children!!

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Reserved VM deployment


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I think that might be too recent… maybe for users who joined Replit ~2017 to 2021 or 2022. The range should be decently flexible IMO, but the Repliters who’ve stayed with Replit since its early days should get something for staying that long

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I feel like the range honestly depends on the change.

It should be for people who were active before the change (aka grandfathering), so i think yea its people who joined near the pricing change, which was not long before deployments change.


I’m going to close this now as the comments are becoming circular. If you left constructive feedback - thank you.