Changes to Hosting on Replit!

Yes, it’s for everyone @C-EO.
Replit’s been losing lots of money for years hosting so many servers for free - it was unsustainable. The point of is to allow anyone to build websites. If it’s static, you can host it for free with static deployments (within your egress limits - 10GiB for free). If it’s not, you can use autoscale (very cheap for low traffic) or reserved deployments (minimum $6.40 a month iirc), or host it elsewhere.


I also believe you need the Core plan, so they can have it free and charge when beyond the egress limits. This might change, I don’t know. But it is the current way for Static Deployments.


No, you don’t need a plan to perform any kind of deployment.

@Firepup650 Thats odd, it says I need a Core plan for Static Deployments and all the others.

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That doesn’t really make sense considering that static is having its CC lock removed, I’m not sure about the others. (I’d edit my post above, but I cannot because of slow mode)


You do not need Core for Static or Reserved Deployments, only a linked card.
I’m unsure about Autoscale


Core gives you free Autoscale units - it’s not limited to just Core users

If you aren’t a core user you must pay for each unit you use up.


I’m honestly not sure if I can agree with you on that. The changes for deployments don’t affect me, and I doubt they ever will. I love using replit as a site to learn and create programs (I have no need for deployments).

However, I can see from other people’s point of view. The changes to replit majorly affect them, and even the setup of static deployments go against why they used replit in the first place.

In the end, replit decided to focus on profit, which is completely their choice (and a fair one). I see no reason why you shouldn’t charge money. After all, it’s your time and effort spent. A few alternatives for those people (in a 588 message long topic), isn’t a bad thing. Even if you can view it as pushing people away from replit. I don’t believe it’ll change anything in the end, besides shortening the search of specific people.



If Replit’s willing to do this, moreover all for money as if it doesn’t pour in, then I guess it’s not for me.


2023-12-07T14:00:00Z :smiling_face:

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At the moment it’s Core or credit card required. I really hope they change it soon or else I will not be able to adapt in time. Everyone that uses my websites will be lost. I mean, they should at least have a two-week period where all links will automatically redirect to their Deployment URL (if it has been deployed)!


Dollars. 20 dollars. That’s 100x more than 20 cents. Unless you’ve got $20 for me, that’s exponentially worse.


$120 a year (not sure if the deal has expired) but I feel like people should cut Replit some slack – it is super hard to pay for free hosting for millions of users.


The blog post said cents per month. However, for people like me who can’t use credit cards, I think it’s better if we can pay off compute units using cycles directly (like 24 cycles per compute unit).

(edit: Replit Core is $20 per month and it’ll be $36.67/month after 2023)


No? It’s $20 a month now, and will always be. It’s $120 a year if you buy it from not until 31 December, then it’ll be $240 a year.
Where did $36.67 come from?


so back to the pro pricing pf 20 pm then


You’re probably thinking of when they say “it’ll be <20 cents per month for most users”:

I wouldn’t say Cycles is the most sustainable way to deploy, especially if you

That’s not entirely true, as cycles can be gained via bounties and tips for “free”. And it would make sense since we already can host reserved VMs via cycles and cycles don’t currently have too many uses anyway.


That’s why I said sustainable. Sure, you might earn a quick 1,500 Cycles from a Bounty, but if you’re looking to deploy something long-term, relying on your 1,500 remaining Cycles and any extra tips people give you in the meantime won’t last for long.


I’m pretty new to this whole discussion, just started hosting things 24/7 on Replit a couple weeks ago.

Since the poster said to reply here if we had comments or feedback, here I am.
This sucks.
I fully understand Replit’s reasoning behind making this change, but this sucks! As others have pointed out before, besides Replit being slightly or majorly better over other services, Replit’s thing was free coding accessibility, and that includes hosting.

Some quotes here:
“First, at Replit we’re not motivated by competition. What we care about the most is making programming and computing more accessible. That means anyone who wants to code and build things should be able to do so without any hurdles.”

I’d say what is essentially a paywall for 24/7 hosting is a pretty major hurdle for people who want to code and build things. Not very accessible if you ask me.

“Recently, Glitch, one of our competitors focusing on JavaScript, has blocked pinging services from reaching user apps. Among other things it means they broke the Discord bot experience for their users.”

That’s exactly what you’re doing, and it seems like something you critiqued Glitch for doing. Yes, technically pinging isn’t blocked, but you get my point.

“While we have fun building our service, we take our mission and goals very seriously.”

I don’t know exactly, but I thought one of Replit’s main missions / goals was to create a free environment for people to code and have fun? Like an internet playground. Now it seems to me like you have to pay for access to most of the playground, or in another example… you have to pay to get more than one small cup of sand for the sandbox.

“But we will never ban pinging to force people to upgrade by taking away features.”

Cough. Not banning, but taking away features to force people to upgrade.

“But our absolute top priority is being a place coders can depend on – we will try our absolute best to never let you down.”

Yes, nice job Replit. Everybody loves these changes.

Like I said, I understand the reasoning behind Replit’s changes. Still sucks, and I’m sure many others who are better-spoken will agree with me.