Changes to Hosting on Replit!

Although Replit is planning on introducing more plans in the future.


Will there be any ways to purchase paid deployments (autoscale, etc. ) using cycles? There are lots of people who couldn’t get credit cards for this, including students like me.


Hi there. You’ll be able to convert your cycles to credits to be used on the Core membership.

Or you can cash them out (if earned through bounties). To kick off either of those processes, please contact our incredible support team!


Has a decision about if will redirect to been made yet?


for some reason I submitted the form but no one replied yet… its been 2 months… well nevermind because the plan I requested (hacker) doesn’t exist anymore!

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Will there be ways to only buy deployments using cycles and not Core? Replit Core seems too expensive for me.

But mainly:

And just if I want to show someone a quick little project that I only need to be up for 3 minutes (but don’t have the Replit editor available to me at that moment), then deploying it is way too tedious. (It’s like making a whole GitHub Pages website just to show a cool button animation or something. Not worth it, especially when you need to run all these commands and push and stuff.)

You do not need to be on the Core membership to pay for deployments or databases. You can pay for resource usage directly by adding your card.


would this effect repls that dont use webpages?

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@ParkerGriffith no, its only affecting web Repl’s.


@SalladShooter By my understanding, this is incorrect. It will effect hosting for all repls, regardless of type.

11 posts were split to a new topic: Do Repls that don’t host a webserver/access the internet have any reason to be deployed?

so i hav a lotof programs that are html and css and js but are just passion projects with html and js code. Does that fall into the catogory where i would have to pay for them. I dont make money btw (being under 18) and im worried that i wont be able to use replit.

TLDR: Will peojects publlished to commiunity or just html projects that have a webpage be affected. Please reply. Thanks


These would be static Repls since they don’t have a backend. When Replit makes the change for needing Deployments they said they would make Static Deployment’s free without needing a credit card.


Yes… however you would have to add your credit card information to get that “free” static Replit hosting. And you can’t set the limit to $0 it has to be a minimum of $10 meaning it can easily go over. Nobody seemingly complained about sleepy Repls. They were free, free things come with caveats and that was one of them but at least it was an option. I really wish Replit wasn’t going the way it’s going with it being 99% AI based and a lot more of a paid service unlike it’s free service branding that can be expanded on with a low-cost membership.

Also personally I think the information about this is confusing. A lot of people are asking questions that are somewhat answered in the blog post. Maybe do another blog post like an F.A.Q that lays all the questions and answers out and put that as a site banner because it will affect a lot of people.


It has been stated at least twice that this will change.

This is supposed to change eventually; however, it’s a pretty low priority for Replit. I personally would greatly appreciate it sooner rather than later.

It is confusing. Replit tries its best to communicate in a way that makes sense; however, nobody’s perfect.


They made 1 blog post about it. Hid (you have to go to the 2nd page just to see) it from the site apart from banners on my repls and profile pages and then the blog post goes into very little so much so a lot of questions have to be answered here. And then the massive amounts of replies cause people to not see said answers. This did not get the amount of attention it deserves for how many people it will affect.


I agree. You can always use the search bar at the top right to find stuff but that isn’t convenient, especially for new users. Even with the search feature, often it’s hard to find stuff unless you know the right keywords (and the only way you’d know them is if you read the original post).


How soon is soon? It’s been almost two months, and unfortunately I’m unable to be prepared for the changes coming at the end of the month if I can’t deploy any of my static projects. Replit is becoming almost notorious for saying “we’ll add it soon” (namely this situation) and it’s making everything very difficult.

In summary, please just stick to your promises or else we will lose more and more trust in you guys.


Seriously. I can’t adapt to the changes in a day. I’ve still been thinking and worrying about everything. I’ll have to update every one of my links everywhere. It will take so long. If they don’t make Static Deployments free before January 1st, then they better postpone the January 1st date.