Changes to Hosting on Replit!

wait so what is a static website?, would static mean like no web applications or anything, such as a login system or form page. Would your only option being static mean we couldn’t use anything like javascript. or at least there is no point to js.


Static meaning it all runs in your browser and a server isn’t doing anything (other than telling the browser the page source).


so like no js. you cant use js to change the webpage. All you can really do is a stupid simple Portfolio type page

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Ok, I have mixed feelings about this new update

I’ve absolutely LOVED replit since it started. Even though it has gone through some rough phases, i still strongly support Replit. Anyways, I’ve loved deployments for static websites.

My Concern

I’ve been using Replit to host discord bots using the always on feature included with my Pro plan. I’m scared because with this new deployment system, I’ll only get (About 60hrs) of hosting time for my bot. Then, i’ll start needing to pay more. I already pay about $50/mo (Pro & Boosts) and I don’t want to be paying for something else again.

Can I have some more info?

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I believe as a pro user, you would be allocated a number of ‘compute units’ monthly, if I recall correctly, it’s something like 6 million, which will allow you to use autoscale deployments without paying extra.


Here’s what I would recommend:

  • stay on the pro plan (comes with fastest development environment)
  • get a reserved VM (starts at $6.20) for your discord bot

No. Just no server. Also, Node.JS is still an option.


So I’ve heard vaguely from here and there that the replit team is looking at what we’re saying and taking it into consideration, but could we get an update on what’s actually being talked about? I’m curious how replit currently feels about the situation knowing so many users dislike this.


I think you’re a tad confused, it isn’t that a static website doesn’t “not change” as the name would apply, so much as there’s no backend apart from just serving files. You can still have JS perfectly fine. But if you wanted to say have a database or use websockets or use make any kind of api you’d be out of luck.


Your proposal is good but I feel the starting price of the Reserved VM is a bit expensive for just a Discord Bot when we already pay for Pro Plan and cannot use our compute cycles because Autoscale cannot be used for background processes (for the moment)

Maybe you could think about a small Reserved VM free for each Pro user. That would be the equivalent of the Always On that is disappearing and would probably please the users.

I’m sure removing the ability of starting a free Repl with a web connection will stop thousands of Repl running almost 24/24 so it would be a very nice move to say to your beloved users : we have listened to you, we will remove this feature but we will give you one free Reserved VM for Pro Plan and persistent file system for deployments to enable you to have the same pleasure to code in dev and in deployed version :slight_smile: is the best for developing online, it should not make people unhappy and trying to find another place to code after any policy change… that’s too bad


Replit, you are going to lose more money then you’ll gain when you make this change. Maybe don’t make this change.


@soren had better get a raise if hes taking care of this conversation :smile:


I’m sorry if this hurts but where most of replits userbase comes from are teens or kids who want to code/host who don’t have no money. We have hosted things like bots in the past or games or just some websites. You think your free domains are horrible? I say they are wonderful! That is just an excuse to be made to make a change that didn’t need fixing! And if replit was unreliable we all wouldn’t be using this. We come here because replit is easy and free to use for beginners. Nobody is going to come back if its just paid. It feels like overtime you staff have either been unintentionally or intentionally making the platform worse. I have stayed jusgt because I can do what I love here for free and your communtiy is great so don’t kill it off replit just like this.


oooh i see. i’m learning node.js express for no reason because replits about to screw us over and ruin every plan i had.

They only said they thought their always on was a bad product and wernt happy with it. Witch i quess is fine but still doesnt answer why they are removing free hosting?


This is definitely a downgrade for most people on replit, but this is just replit trying to make money as free users don’t give them anything.

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If I upgrade to Reserved VM plan, will my node.js repl stay running without restarts or will it still be continually restarted (as it is now under Hacker always-on)?
If still restarted, what option will prevent this? I have sockets open and don’t want the connection broken by a restart.


I know countless people have already made posts about this, but the disgust I got from learning about these changes is unspeakable.

Replit has remained a mostly free platform ever since its dawn in 2016, and the only reason I’m even here right now is because of Replit’s free static sites. These changes are basically going to kill half of the user base, similar to that of Heroku. I can almost be certain that most of Replit’s users are beginner programmers who use Replit on school devices or are simply trying to learn basic web development. This makes it extremely hard for any user to share their projects without providing their credit card information and paying to simply have their own website. Most likely a leading reason of why your platform is so popular is because of the free static hosting which can be accessed from basically anywhere at any time.

What happened to the online IDE Replit was supposed to be? Should we expect to see Replit turn into a cloud hosting platform in the future?

What seemed to be a powerful paid feature turned into a forced paywall, in a matter of months, with little to no warning. Replit has already had changes where large amounts of backlash were received on this very forum, but no; you must continue to dig that hole even deeper. I really had faith in Replit that you would eventually turn it around, but this change makes Replit just as pointless to me as all of the other cloud services are.

This is the final straw for me, there are simply much better alternatives with fewer or no paywalls. And for the record, GitHub Pages provides free, 24/7 accessible static webpages for absolutely no cost, and

Bye Replit, it was nice knowing you while I could still create a project without it getting completely demolished by Replit’s own infrastructure.

Note (if I understand this correctly): This sudden change will kill just about every Discord bot hosted on the platform. I can guarantee that the only reason people use Replit is because of the free hosting services it provides, and Discord bot owners will very likely be migrating to a new platform rather than purchasing deployments from Replit.


It will almost never restart

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FYI – you can still deploy static sites for free! We’re planning to remove the cc gate soon.