Changes committed to GitHub aren't showing up

Problem description:
File changes made in replit are not appearing on Github.

Expected behavior:
When I make changes in replit and commit them to GitHub, I expect those changes to appear there.

Actual behavior:
The Replit interface makes it look like the changes are published but they don’t show up on Github.

Steps to reproduce:
I make a change to a file in the main branch on replit. The changes appear in the Git section. I write a commit message and commit the updates.

Bug appears at this link:
No error is given. It looks like the changes are published but nothing shows up on Replit.

Safari, MacBook Air

Additional info
I believe I am authenticated correctly with GitHub. My replit account is connected to GitHub, the specific repository is linked to the Repl. And I was able to do a Fetch from remote through the shell between the Repl and the GitHub repository. It seems like an upstream issue.

Is there a way to get this reconnected? Or, should I look at other options like installing the repository in a new Repl?

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Does the repl ask you for confirmation when it tries to push? If not, then it fails somewhere in the push. As a workaround, you can run this in the shell:

git push -U origin main

Replacing origin and main with your repo and branch if necessary.


I used:
git push -u origin main

and that worked. Thanks for the help with that. After doing that, it looks like the web interface is working again too.

I really appreciate the help.

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