Change Typescript version for an existing Repl?

I have a “Typescript Scratch” notebook that I keep around for quick experiments. I noticed that it is running a really old version of Typescript, however I’m not entirely sure how to tell it which version I’d like it to run?

~/Typescript-Scratch$ tsc --version
Version 4.1.3

I think you should do npm upgrade typescript
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Hey there! Welcome to the community! you can go to the replit.nix file and change it there I think
EDIT: You should prob do Matan’s solution

I tried @MatanFromRoblox 's solution but within the Shell it just immediately returned without any log message. Still stuck on the old version.

I’ll take a look at adding a replit.nix file, if I can’t figure it out then I can delete the old one and create a new one, that gets me on a decently new version of tsc.

Can I see the nix file?

{ pkgs }: {
    deps = [


@MatanFromRoblox :point_up:

Oh sorry! That’s from the new one… one sec…

Maybe the nix package is outdated and you need to upload the latest typescript package to nix

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Looks like my Typescript Scratch project doesn’t even have a nix file… it has a .upm folder though. I think I should just nuke this old notebook and start over. Maybe its so old that has evolved past it.

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