Change to Exporting Project Overview

Hey all,

Last school year I was loving the export to .csv of the project overview screen. I have several basic assignments that students just need to run the input/output tests on then hit submit.

Back in early 2022 when you would export this .csv it would show the number of tests that were passed, or a zero if it wasn’t completed. You took that away!! Now it only shows “waiting for review” with no tests passed listed at all.

Please bring back a column for each assignment showing tests passed!

For the basic trivial assignments I’m not reviewing each students code. I’m just scraping the tests passed. By all means leave the status column but please bring back the tests passed column!

BTW I posted earlier about how awesome this was, it’s a shame y’all took it away.

Hi @ND-McDowell thanks for your message and welcome back to the community.

Can I just check that you have clicked on the Share feedback option in the ? menu on Replit?


If so let me know and I can link this topic to the feedback.

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I had not done so previously. Feedback sent. Thanks Ian

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Thanks @ND-McDowell I’ve just checked with the support team and a fix went in yesterday for this. It should now work, but could you check and confirm please?

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