Change the phone number in my account

How can I update my phone number in my account (I do not find settings…)

Welcome to the community, @josefbpeters!

There is no way to add phone numbers in a Replit account, let alone update one.

Where does the phone number in the account come from?

There is no place to input your phone number because Replit does not use phone numbers as a form of contact

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It does on my system, because when I shan’t to pay, it prompts mee for entering a pin, sent to a phone number (which is my “old” one).

The pin is a verification code to ensure that you are the real owner of your credit card number and you are the one making the transaction.

You will have to change the phone number associated with your email, not your Replit account.

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That sounds correct, the old phone number is connected to the email, which is a google account…thanks for discussion and good bye.

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If it was the solution click the “solution” button :slightly_smiling_face: