Change server file upload limit ($_FILES, move_uploaded_file)

I am writing a bot to send entries to the wall of the Vkontakte account. I ran into a problem that was initially incomprehensible to me. On the local host, I upload the photo to the root folder with the project for later sending it to the vk servers. Everything works without problems. I tried to do the same here, the photo didn’t go. I decided to check what $_FILES[‘photo’] returns to me. Except for the name and size (for some reason 0) nothing. That is, my photo was not uploaded to the server using move_uploads_file(). I started looking for information about whether it was possible to upload a file in some other way and accidentally found information that in php.ini, by default, the size of uploaded files is limited to 2 MB. I tried to upload a picture up to 2mb and indeed $_FILES[‘photo’] returned all the data to me. in php.ini, a different value can be assigned in the upload_max_filesize line, for example 10mb.

Question. Is there any way to change the 2mb limit on the host and who can do it? I really really need this

Hi @IaroslavIeriesh thanks for your question.

Can you please share a link to your repl?

Hello. Is this it?:

Does not skip the link in response. Where can I throw it?

Try after adding a .htaccess file with:

php_value upload_max_filesize 10M
php_value post_max_size 11M

I’m adding, but don’t work

I don’t think .htaccess files are supported, unless PHP Repls work differently and they do work for them?