Change Replit Menu

Hello, could someone tell me how I can change the menu on the left to how it is by default, I don’t know why it changed to this way

Hey, @NoeHernandez24 welcome to the forums.

To get back to the old UI you can make your account not an explorer.

Greetings, I just did that but the interface has not changed

Mabey the rolled out the new UI to all users. @IanAtReplit can confirm that

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Hi @ethan and @NoeHernandez24

You won’t be able to change back if the new UI is now visible on your account. It is in the process of being rolled out to users over the coming weeks.

There is no new functionality or loss of old features, the layout is just different to what it was before. It was changed alongside the roll out of resizable panels and other changes to the top of the Replit page e.g. history moving down to the code window.

Hope this clarifies things! Make sure you provide Replit feedback if you feel there is something that isn’t right by clicking on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl and selecting Submit Feedback.