Change project settings after creation

If I’ve created a project that is set to be Python, it’d be great if I could modify that to use Python 3.10 instead without having to re-create the project. Is there some hidden way or is this something I should put in as a feature request?

Is the version of the Python found in the regular ‘Python’ VM going to be updated to 3.10 at some point moving forward to make this moot?

You could update it yourself. Just make a blank repl, install python 3.10 via Nix, and create a venv with pylsp in it. Then, copy the .replit file from the Python 3.8 repl and make changes as necessary.

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I don’t think changing the language (well, the template really) of a Repl is possible, you could suggest this to the Replit team using suggest a feature.

As @9pfs mentioned you could use Nix to install Python 3.10 and then fork this Repl going forward if you want to use Python 3.10. However there are some modules not compatible with 3.10 yet which is why the template hasn’t yet been updated.