Change link on "Run this Repl" page to actual Repl cover page

Change the link at the bottom of the the “Run this Repl to see the results here” page e.g. to actually take users to that Repl’s cover page, rather than just the Replit homepage.

This would make finding the Repl to run it so much easier and increase engagement with other people’s Repls as it is currently off-putting having to go hunt for it.


Interesting idea. so basically you would just split the domain name and get
you could just do /__repl too but if the repl isn’t a webpage it won’t take you there.

Yeah I’m aware of the /__repl trick, but you’re right, it only works on Repls that host webpages.

The domain split idea you suggested would be easily achievable with JavaScript.

Just what I was thinking. Maybe we could create this as a collab together.

I don’t think they would do this, because this also works on any bogus website that has never existed, e.g. produces this result as well. And I’m guessing nobody has this exact combination; username or Repl name.

I don’t know much about that back-end hosting stuff, but it’s probably some thing where like any domain that doesn’t exist kinda gets this 404 type page, but like no website exists. Like not like a 404 page like you know? Like one that indicates the whole thing doesn’t exist. But then it’s not if the Repl exists or not, it’s if any open port or website exists or not. I really don’t know what I’m saying but I think you get what I mean.

Yeah I didn’t get the last 2-3 sentences either, lol.

Don’t worry, I think I get what youre saying is…

If someone went to a domain where the Repl doesnt exist, the domain should return a 404.

But if the Repl does exist, then the domain should return the normal “Run this Repl” page followed by the link to the actual Repl cover page

That sounds reasonable, but just depends if Replit are able to change their infrastructure to handle that flow.


That’s what I think too.

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I agree with this… the 404 page should replace the “run this repl” page I’m this case. I also agree with making the “run this repl” page link you to an existing repl if that exists.