Change Email (No Access to Email)

I used “Login with Google” to create my Replit account and created it a while ago for school using my school Google account. I am unable to access Gmail through my school account, though the email linked is that one.

I have tried to contact support but realised you cannot specify an email to send it to, so I assume the support emails are getting sent to my linked email (which as I previously stated, I cannot access).

Is there any way to change my email or contact support from another email that I can access, as I will soon lose access to my school Gmail account and therefore my Replit account too?

Thanks :pray:

Hey @Owen welcome to the forums!

You are correct the emails are being sent to your email linked to your account. Try going to this page and towards the top under Account try changeing your email from there.

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Thanks for the reply! I have tried changing my email through the Account page though unfortunately since I logged in with Google, I’m unsure of the password and all the passwords I try that would make sense are incorrect.

Are you able to link a another account (not google) and then link a new google account?


I have been able to connect my GitHub and my personal Google accounts through the account page, so can now access my account by clicking Login with GitHub or Google. Thanks!


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