Change email after Github Login

When I signed up in the beginning, I used the “Sign in with GitHub” feature. However, I cannot change my password because the email address associated with my account is which will not receive emails. Is there a way to change it?
thank you in advance.

Hey @JSekellick! Welcome to the community!

You can change your email by first navigating to your account dropdown and clicking on “Account”. Then scroll down till you see “Your email address” in “Account”. You should be then be able to change your email there.


I cannot change it because I do not have a password. I signed up using the GitHub option. Changing my email requires I enter my password. I do not have a password. I cannot reset my password because the listed email address goes nowwhere.

If that option doesn’t work, you can try contacting support and see if they are able to change the email for you.

My fault. That’s what i thought this was.

This is a forum, not Replit support. To contact support, you can email or create a ticket at

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