Change default opening tabs, like different files than .html file and the shell

I have multiple projects on Replit in wich i use several repl.
At the moment i am learning my students the language of JavaScript and making a game with this language using an external library. It is great and replit is an wonderfull tool to do this so.

There are some settings wich you want to edit as an teacher but just cant.
This leads to students whom get lost and get frustrated.

The problemcase:
John(student) opens assignment 1, he sees the lay-out as following:
Three vertical areas next to each other

  1. First = Files/Tools wich is ok
  2. Second(middle) = index.html file opened
    Third = Webview, Shell and Instructions

The problems:

  • I would like it to open script.js, because the students do not need to change the html file.
  • I would like the shell tab NOT to be opened, as they really do not need this.
  • I would like to have the (in the webview) ‘toggle developers tool’ to be set on default true as in to show it.

Is this possible?

I have tried editing the .repl file wich was hidden, but with the lack of understanding I can not get it to configure an default start up.

Thank you in forward!

You should be able to change the entrypoint (file that’s opened by default) in the .replit file. You can set entrypoint to the path/name of the file you want: entrypoint = "script.js".


I tried this and it dit not work, i tried this with and without brackets.
In my testteam i have one student account, it is my test account.
It still opens the html file.

do tools > settings > reset layout

Ok, we are getting somewhere.
That works for me, as the teacher.
It does not work for the students who open the assignment.

I republishes it, but still no effect on the student side.
See below, it does not give the students the same .replit file.
LEFT = teacher || RIGHT = Student

oh, I don’t think there’s a built-in way to update the students’ existing repls automatically. This could probably be made by the community, looking at the replit vscode extension.
As for the shell going away and ‘toggle developers’ being on by default, you’ll have to move this to #feature-requests (or make a new post). Or you could use a script executor, e.g. tampermonkey, or make your own browser extension, which runs this on

document.querySelector("#main-content > div.css-1pso0wl > div > div:nth-child(9) > div > div > div.css-1c9z7if > div > div > div.css-1trx61z > div.css-36v8q4 > button").click()
document.querySelector("#main-content > div.css-1pso0wl > div > div:nth-child(5) > div.css-1iuoeqv > div.css-1cdxrzb > div.os-viewport.os-viewport-scrollbar-hidden > div > div:nth-child(2) > div > div > button").click()

How I got the element paths (in case they change, or you want to do other stuff): Ctrl+Shift+C > click on the element (in this case the ‘toggle developer tools button’, then right click on the highlighted element > copy > copy JS path