Change a setting when replying

Can an admin change a setting? This is seriously annoying…

When you reply to someone, if the post you’re replying to is right above your post, the thing that shows who you were replying to goes away. This can be very confusing as shown in this thread:

The OP got confused I was replying to them when I corrected @JayAySeaOhBee14.

And I’m pretty sure Ethan said there was an option to disable this. Please change this… I don’t even know why you’d want this in the first place.


I think the logic here is that you’re meant to use 💬 Quote whole post when replying to the original topic, and it’s otherwise assumed that you’re replying to the message above. It’s even more convenient for future readers if you quote exactly what part of the first post is relevant to your reply.

I usually just reply to the original post, but you are right it is an annoying feature.

I’ll take a look and see what is possible here but @UMARismyname 's suggestions are good.


It actually removes the quote if it is the comment right after.