Chandler0Bing's Introduction

Hello, if you don’t know yet, my name is Chandler. I am 15 years old and live in the great somewhat deteriorating country of America. I love where I live and love the people I live with. I live in the great state of Missouri a state of unpredictable weather and terrible weathermen. It’s also a state for hunting fishing and shooting firearms. I love where I live and I’d only rather live in Texas lol. Being a 15 year old I can drive and have my permit. I have always loved law enforcement and sort of run my own charity for law enforcement and fire department in my area. We have collectively in the span of two months or so gathered and donated $6000.00 dollars in money and goods. I love what I get to do and what I love to do and will hopefully go into the military and law enforcement one day. Now onto how I got to coding. I got to coding by going to the school I go to. I go to did you really think I would say school and they teach coding for this year only. I love it and I will still continue hopefully and have fun with it. I have made a few games. As of making this, I have made truth or dare against a computer and I have made rock paper scissors against a computer (Link will be below) I thank you for reading this and your time and I hope to be coding with you all.

Rock Paper Scissors-
Truth Or Dare-