Certificate of 100 days completion

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Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@Buvanamohanadas

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Hi @Buvanamohanadas have you completed all 100 days by adding code?


If you’ve successfully completed all 100 days of the 100 days of code Python course (I think the email may actually get sent earlier actually), you should hopefully get an email which allows you to purchase a certificate.


ho i didnt get any
can you help me

Please check your spam/junk folder for the email. If its not there I will ask the people that will know

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no i didn’t get any i checked in all that folders

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not in spam or junk maybe you should ask the people

I have asked somebody that probably knows whats going on.

Let me see what’s happening with it - It was an experiment so a very manual process - I’ll get back to you @Buvanamohanadas


I have the same problem

I completed the 100 days of code and I haven’t gotten any email for about 5 days now. Also, there was a form on day 75 that asked if you wanted to purchase the certificate for 500 cycles and I said yes.


Thanks for your message @SwimCoppie and sorry for the delay in responding to you. I’ll ping @DavidAtReplit here to see if he can look into this for you.


Thanks @IanAtCSTeach !


Okay let me look into it on Monday!


Any updates @DavidAtReplit or @IanAtCSTeach?


hey I didn’t get it either!
please help!
I want it so bad!

I see that David @LessonHacker has recently departed Replit so I can only assume that this will not come to fruition?

@DavidAtReplit I am following up for the 100 days of code certificate. Appreciate if you could look into the matter as soon as possible, thanks.

Not sure David can really do much here, as David sadly no longer works at Replit.

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Love to know as well how I can get a certification!

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Even I haven’t received the certificate yet, although I have completed all 100 days.