Certain parts of Bounty cards are not clickable

Problem description:
The posting date and application count on Bounty cards are not clickable. (Their z index of 1 places them above the link that overlays the whole card.) This makes sense for the poster username and profile picture, as that has a different link. However, it doesn’t really make sense to have an unlinked spot

Expected behavior:
These areas link to the bounty page when clicked

Actual behavior:
These areas do nothing when clicked

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the bounties page
  2. Click on the bounty posting date (like “3 days ago”)
  3. Notice that the bounty card gets focused but nothing happens
  4. Click on the applications count (like “5 applicants”)
  5. same as #3


  1. Open the inspector
  2. Enable the element selector (Ctrl + Shift + C) on Chrome
  3. Move your mouse around the bounty card. Notice that the element selector spotlights the link overlay most of the time. It spotlights the applications count and posting date when those are hovered over.

Bug appears at this link:

This is most visible on non-touch devices as you can tell what is linked when hovering
EDIT: Chromium 109 on Ubuntu, Chrome 109 on Windows 11, Firefox 110

I am hovering over the blank space on the top bounty

I am hovering over “5 applications” on the top bounty:

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I am not able to replicate this. I see you stated touch/non touch device but could you also state the browser and OS you are experiencing this on?

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