Certain keyboard keys stop working

I am using a Mac mini (i5 from 2018) and off and on today Replit will stop responding to the f, +, ), and _ keys being typed. If I open up the search with cmd-F, I can then put those characters into the search box and I can use them on any other site. I have tried in Chrome (including after reseting Chrome to defaults and wiping all cookies, etc.) and Safari and it behaves the same. While in this behavior hitting the f key sends the screen to full screen mode and back again for awhile, but then it stops doing that and hitting escape to get out of full screen also stops working. I tried using the virtual keyboard to see if it my physical keyboard, but virtual keyboard exhibits the exact same behavior (even when the physical keyboard is unplugged).

I assume I am activating some keyboard combination by accident that is causing this, but I can’t figure out what it is. It is really annoying to teach about the increment operator in Java without being able to type a + and not using the f is more annoying than I thought it would be!

Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi @MrKinney that sounds like a weird Replit bug. Try taking some screen recordings and submitting a bug report with the question mark bit.

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Hey @MrKinney, I also experienced this bug if I had a .draw file open in a separate tab. Is this the cause of your problem? Are you still experiencing this bug?