Center INDENT on the next line when pressing ENTER key

Problem description:
When I press RETURN key on my mac, the next line starts in the center of the new line. when I start typing code, it gets the red error squiggly line. I think this is a bug with the editor.

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


Hey @andrewmflai , welcome to the forums! You can press the TAB key or 2 spaces (by default) for 1 level of indentation.

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Nate, I am not trying to indent. I think there is a bug with the editor. When I press RETURN to go to the next line, the curser starts like 19 spaces to the left already. Something is wrong with the editor. Please advise! Thanks.

Hmm… definitely a bug. Is this for one repl or for all of them?

Are you sure it’s not auto indenting to another line?
Like for example (Python):

def myFunc():

the next line would automatically be indented:

def myFunc():
  return 'Hello, World!'
# ^ The editor automatically indents to here
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Is something like this happening?

If so, that’s intended behavior, and not a bug.

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Hey everyone, it seems to be working fine now. It may have been a bug. it was 19 spaces tot he right, sorry for the misunderstanding. @QwertyQwerty88 thanks for the example, it looks like what you are showing except without writing any code. When I start on a blank line (not typing anything), then ENTER (RETURN) to next line below, the curser starts 19 spaces to the right just similar to your example just without any code. But so far, looks like its acting normal now. It was on a a single Replit exercise that I forked and was working on. Thank you all for your efforts!


Wow, that’s really weird. If it does happen again, please record a video and post it here, and if you can find a solid method to reproduce the bug please post that also.