Cent find domain

I can’t link a domain to my site, it doesn’t show me the pencil option

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It used to show me this:

Welcome to Ask @AzaRZa16510ZaarZ! The reason that traditional custom domain linking on Replit was removed is because traditional repl.co hosting is being removed from Replit. It is being replaced by deployments (replit.app). You can link a custom domain to deployments. Repls require a paid plan/connected credit card to host but will still be able to have custom domains (so long as the repl hosts a website).
Hope this helps!

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So basically if I want to use domain editing, I will have to pay for a certain plan?

And if so, on what kind of program?
Static / autoscale / reserved VM

In short, yes.

All three should allow you to pick a domain, which kind you should use depends on what you’re trying to deploy.

For Static, it’s for repls with no backend, and are only HTML/CSS/JS.
For Autoscale, it’s for repls with a backend (Flask, Express, etc)
For Reserved VMs, it’s for repls which are Discord bots or bots in general.
Hope this helps!

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And scripts that generally need to be running consistently. Some webscrapers, and other types of bots use Reserved VMs too.

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