Can't write code in the console

When I am running my code, the console print it but I can’t write code directly in the console. There is no little arrows on the side.

In the picture you can see that I when I run the code, it works perfectly. The only problem is that there is no option to write things in the console itself.


I guess something changed when replit updated.

Thank you:)

Hello, what language are you using?
For many languages, you should write shell commands in the shell and not in the console.
For some interpreted languages, the ability to write code of that language in the console has been removed a while ago.

Hi @HodayaNaor , welcome to the forums!
This is a new update by Replit. You can type things in the Console only for things like user input, but otherwise you can’t.
You can run the output in the Shell instead.
Hope this helps!

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Oh God, Why its been removed, I am a Mentor and I used to teach Python to my students using the Console with Collaboration, such a fantastic feature removed, is there any settings I can change to get it back?

You can run python -i in the Shell to run the IPython for the file.
Or, run python in the Shell, then import whatever you want from main (from main import ...).
Hope this helps!


you can also use the Python (with Prybar) template which has this functionality (run once first).

You can also type just python in the Shell if you don’t need to access or run code from

(@NateDhaliwal, the python interpreter in the Shell is officially called the python REPL, read-eval-print-loop. IPython is the name for different things.)