Can't use https on my website-domain

When using Replit, I’m able to link website-domains. I’ve been working fine with those for a while now, but recently it only connects my domains/subdomains to http servers, I know this isnt a problem with my domain or CNAME, because it works fine on its own and older links still remain on the https server.

Can you try unlinking and relinking your domain?

For more info, see

I’ve tried that before.

The incident with domains not working was resolved late yesterday. Can you try again and see if it works?

The same issue remains.

It appears ALL MY OLDER REPLS are affected by this, when using a new one it works fine.

Then maybe use a new repl!

I’m not porting a ton of repls

Try unlinking and relinking the domains from your old Repls and see if it works. Running kill 1 in the shell forces a reboot of your Repl and can also bust some issues.

If the problem persists, please send me the Repl links along with the domain names and I’d be happy to take a look.

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