Can't use filestack-python

I can’t use filestack in python because it says this:

Screenshot 2022-12-27 at 3.57.36 AM

Hey @smacode I was playing around with it
and when i did

import filestack

it worked just fine
And welcome to the forums i hope you enjoy your time here


@PrestonCurtis1 Thanks, except now I’m getting this error…
Screenshot 2022-12-27 at 4.09.16 AM

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I took the snippet straight from here:

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Can you post a link to your repl so others can fork it and experiment with it to help find a solution

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sure…I was concerned about posting my S3 credentials but at this point I don’t even care ill delete and recreate the keys.

hmm seems like syntax errors.

Uhh I found the error. you forgot to add a space before response.
I invited you to the repl

still has errors but you can fix them.

So eventually I realized part of the reason might be spaces instead of tabs, so i used this (not sure how reliable it is) to test the syntax…even when i got everything perfect, i still couldnt get the code to trun

sweet thanks, I’ll check it out. Were you able to run it successfully?

noo, could you check it out so we can collab on it? thx!

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