Cant upload files; button isn't working

Cant upload files; button isn’t working

Cannot upload files to replit

Hi @Audley-Walker thanks for your message.

Can you provide more details please? What browser are you using for example?

Also can you try dragging files into the Replit browser window (into the files pane on the left of the screen) and see if this works?

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It doesn’t work for me, too. As Ian said, try dragging files into the Replit browser. That worked for me

Yes, you can do that or reload the page, you might have to reload the page multiple times until it lets you. If that doesn’t work, close and reopen the browser.

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reloading the page did not work, checking the blocker did not work, and using other browsers did not work. rebooting did not work, and clearing the cache did not work…I am having the same issue

Drag files instead, from the File Manager.