Can't Upload Anymore Images

Problem description:
After uploading about 500 images to my replit (and then deleting them), I can not upload any more images. Even with a fresh Replit, I just get errors trying to upload multiple images to a folder.

Expected behavior:
I should be able to upload as many images I want as long as my storage is not full

Actual behavior:
I get an upload error

Steps to reproduce:
Upload 500+ images to a Replit, delete them then try to upload 500 more.

Bug appears at this link:
It is a private Replit

Safari Mac OS M1

Can you show us a screenshot of your repl storage?

Sure! Here’s a fresh Replit I made and still can’t upload:

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And here’s the original Replit where the problem first happened:

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Try running kill 1 in the repl’s shell. If that doesn’t help, send me the repl link and I’ll take a look.

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